Echoes of the Mirage












Dedicated to the [REDACTED] class of 2014, and all its [REDACTED] from the class of 2013.

Conceived January 10, 2012.

Completed April 12, 2012.


When your life has always got you down,

When you try to smile, but can only frown,

When you wanna laugh, but instead, you cry,

When the life you live is an obvious lie,


When you try to be nice, but they all stay mean,

When your trouble’s too clear, but your joy’s unseen,

When you’re lookin’ for beauty, but it’s not there,

When your dreams are broken beyond repair,


When you search for meaning in your life,

And you find it full of war and strife,

Then you wonder what that life was worth,

Cuz you’ve accomplished nothing since your birth!


Then the stress begins to pile up high,

And the pain’s so bad, you just wish you’d die!

But stop and look around; keep an open mind,

And you’ll be surprised at what you find,


For there is so much beauty on this Earth,

That it will fill your heart with glee and mirth.

Just look – the trees: they dance, they breathe, they shade.

The Sun and Moon: they rise, they shine, they fade . . .


The flakes of snow: unique, pristine, and white;

The rainbow, bathing us with the Seven Lights;

The meadow grass: so tall and dense and green;

The ocean floor, so deep, immense, serene . . .


The playful deer: so graceful, gentle, kind;

The chimp: so like us in both body and mind.

The eagle dives, majestic in its flight.

The dolphins soar above the sea, so light.


The jaguar stalks, so silent, a gleam in his eyes.

The viper hugs the tree, a vine in disguise.

The dragon basks, so sloth-like, in the sun.

The otters frisk around, so eager for fun.


You see this beauty everywhere you turn,

But no one knows and no one can discern

The rending pain that clamps around your heart,

The horror threatening to tear you apart,


For in this beauty, you can feel no joy,

For what you are has been ravaged and destroyed.

For all the good that you have tried to do,

It seems that fate continues to work against you!


Even when you know it could be worse,

Even when you know you’re not the first

To feel such pain, you still hold deep inside

A raging storm, the scorpions of the mind.


You do not know what makes you feel this way:

You feel so hurt, but why? You cannot say.

Maybe the truth of the matter lies at the start:

Maybe this sickness comes from a diseased heart.


You think you know the cause, but what can be done?

Why can you feel no joy, nor anger, nor fun?

Why is it hard for you to define your cause?

Why is the good you do not for good, but applause?


Maybe the cause is that your intentions are flawed.

Maybe it’s cuz you forgot your appointment with God,

And on that Day, you will be forgotten and blind;

Thus did you turn away, and were treated in kind.


This is reality, and one that we must face,

Lest we be thrown in Hell to burn in disgrace.

The truth is that this world and all that we feel

Is a mirage, though we may think it real.


But only that Day matters in the end,

And that’s a message we must try to send:

There is no time to waste on your world and wealth.

There is only your time and your youth and your health.


So let us focus our minds and stick to the task,

So that we may, one day, in our God’s Light bask.

He has decreed, oh followers of the path,

That His Mercy has surpassed His Wrath.


God has created us to worship Him, alone,

Even under threat of their sticks and stones,

So let’s go on, don’t care how we look in their eyes,

Until the end, reuniting in Paradise!


Endnote: Yes, I do this. Poems about God, I mean. I'm a big believer, if that means anything. This poem isn't exactly a work of genius, and none of the others are, either. But I like them. Thank you for reading. God Bless you.


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