It's funny how you can say all those things to all of those people and still look yourself in the eyes

And it hurts when you say all those things to all those people

even when it isn't about me

It's dumb and stupid and it breeds a new kind of foul atrocity that makes me want to puke

Not because I'm any better,

but because I want to say all those things to all those people about that one person too...

I can see myself in your cold, calculating eyes and it's all I can do to restrain myself

To restrain myself from pushing away from all that society has taught me about social rules

To push away from the lies that I've heard since I can remember

That it's not gossip if you have their best interests in mind

That it really isn't my business what she thinks of him as long as it doesn't affect me

That it's not bullying if they can't hear you say it

That one hurts the most.

Because they can hear you.

I can hear you.

I heard you for three years,

and I still can't get your voice out of my head

Because when you're bullied into thinking that you're worthless

There's never much left at the end of it.

So it's alright with me if you think I'm weird for disagreeing with you. 

Because it feels too much like bullying to me.

Because I can still hear your echo.

Poetry Slam: 


Shaynah Woody

Beautifully Hideous. Very true in all aspects of the word.

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