Ecce Homo


Stanford University: Grove
584 Mayfield Avenue, Stanford CA
United States

An undergraduate composed of no less

than one thirty second ramen

raw as I am half baked


Shaped from vacant shells and grit

maybe the promise I could be a pearl someday

if I did not clam up so easily


Always slow to strap in

for fear that I might be taken for a ride

you know, the kind that requires at least one homunculus


Queer in the sense of an imminently microwavable meltdown

met by a too pink marshmallow-peep’s prayer  

one part poor taste and two parts onomatopoeia   


I am that overdue restoration

please lend me a unifying touch of italian style

la vita nuova


Or at least a sense of humors

like the tenderness of  perspective

but hipsters visit my hopefulness ironically


An original sin

Ecce Homo

To "Behold Man”

This poem is about: 
My community


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