My love departs by a barren road,
Her silhouette, an ephemeral vision,
Departing from her so-called "prison,"
Each step rips apart my soul,
And fills the air with dusky dusk.
Everything that stands before me,
Veiled by that damn, dank dust.
Dust that taunts her fleeting sight,
Dust still taunting, teasing,
Silently shrieking through the sky,
Masking such a harsh goodbye.
Dust that forms these concrete clouds,
Scorned by everything it shrouds.
Dust still mocking, mocking,
Taunting me by what it's blocking.
My life: alone, ebony and drawl,
Reminded of my love, my all.



My first poem on the site, submitted for the Slam Scholarship. I hope you enjoy.

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