Eating Alone In the Cafeteria

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 13:14 -- moon18

I am comfortable with myself

I know that it's okay to be alone sometimes

I don't want to turn everything I do into a social event

So when it's time for me to eat,

I may or may not ask some friends to join

Most of the time, I eat alone in the cafeteria


Some people might call those who are eating alone in the cafeteria


They feel sad for us; They get anxiety for us

Because they think we have no friends


Out of all of the times

That I've eaten alone in the cafeteria

I have never felt sorry for myself

When I eat, I am providing my body with nutrients that I need to survive

Why should I feel sorry for myself when eating?


It seems as if

The only ones who get anxiety for us "loners" in the cafeteria

Are the ones who single us out for being "loners"

And not the actual "loners"

When I eat alone in the cafeteria, 

I don't get anxiety


Eating alone in the cafeteria:

I don't have to rush. I can just take my time.

I think. I learn more about myself.

I feel good. I feel satisified.


Why are some people not okay with eating alone?


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