Eat your heart out mountain man

I hear the cool whisper of wind

Blowing softly through my hair

I see the vast escape before me

And for once I don’t have a care


Why lower myself to worry

Why ponder what you think

My heart is made of gold

My fears have gone extinct


Yes I see my heart

I know it tries to beat for you

But I will not dare to stop

I will let this flower bloom


I am radiant

I am rising like the tide

Yes I do care for you

But keep up or I'll pass you by


I need nothing you have to offer

You need nothing of me

Others think that I'm all a flutter

When really I've been set free


My head is turned up

My eyes focused up above

I have my sights set on the horizon

My heart has its fill of love


This is not a lament

Not to condemn or pry

But don't think for a minute

That I have forgotten how to fly


My emotions are not an anchor

I am weightless and set free

My heart is full of love

But its not for you but the king


So do not pity this soul

For it is moving up

You may be the wine

But God has already filled my cup. 

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