For Easton

For Easton

By Kathryn Priest


Why is it, when we find hardship or misfortune

We want someone to blame?

Tradgedy will strike,

And we say, “Nothing again will be the same.”


I see a child, teeming with innocence

And going through life with ease,

But I begin to see the green ribbons

And I hear about a detrimental disease


“He’s too young!” I cry out to you,

“He’s just a boy!”

My question is why, why burden this little one

That is so full of joy?


When I’m alone, I talk to you

And I start to cry;

Tears steam down my face and I beg,

My question always being: why?


Sometimes I wonder if you even hear me;

I wonder if you’re actually there,

Because I don’t feel strong enough

And the pain is too much to bear


But then I remember what you’ve said:

“Lean not on your own understanding”.

I know this is not something I can change,

But it shouldn’t be your work that I’m demanding.


Indeed, we have sorrow,

And at times it’s difficult to understand

But with you at his side and there to take care of him,

I will do your work and follow your hand.


Like a sheep follows the shepherd,

I will overcome the hurt that I feel.

With you at my side,

I will continue to heal.


We should not dwell too much in the hurt of this life;

Instead, live life for Him and continue to love,

For we all know that He’s waiting for us

In the beautiful kingdom up above!


Fix my eyes on you,

For there is so much more to this world than my miniscule frame

And with your promise of love to me,

I will always, always call on your name!

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