Earth vs. Nature

A thunder starts

in the east.

Lightning flashes 

in the west.

Sparks of red blow 

in the north.

And in the south,

shouts of a hurricane 

swirl in Earth's 

breathless mouth.


The earthquakes start

breaking Earth's raw core.

The chemicals of man-made blast

from their bottles.

Comets of great size land

down their anger.

And dying matter

blends in

with what could be 

Earth's withering end.


Nature holds her breath 

of her last running water.

But her tears turn

black with Earth's firing burn.

She coughs for freedom,

but can't reach it.

For Earth's melting air

has made Nature 


But not quite yet.


Off she goes 

to another place.

No longer will she

do Earth's daily needs.

Earth begs on his scorching knees

for her to come back.

But her beauty and grace 

is already gone with the wind

to another place 

where she

will be loved again.




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