Early Morning Fog

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 23:48 -- Eman123

Eric Swearingen

                                                       EARLY MORNING FOG


Walking to school in the morning,

A day in fall where the fog devoured the streets

Seeing a bullfrog in the grass before the school day started

It seemed like just another day in middle school,


Bells ring

Sun coming through the fog,

Going from class to class

With the blue sky so bright.


Bells ring

Walking home now, hearing people yell

“Friday, Friday, school is out!”

Thanksgiving break is here,


Finally arriving to my house

Negative vibes fill the room.

As bad news makes me feel ill

“Dad was hit by a semi!”


Pictures on his phone

Half of his truck crushed,

He had ducked

Just in the nick of time,


He survived, but

The pictures would told otherwise

He is lucky to be alive

My outlook changed,


The fog that had devoured the streets

It had a huge affect on my dad’s life,

And I had never given the weather

Even a second thought


Every morning now,

The weather is a important point in my family's daily life

When rain, fog, and even shining sun

Is a part of our day to day.

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My family
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