Dutch & a Pack of Tokens


When I speak pay attention to the words that are spoken/

Because I'm a spokesmen for guys who pockets are broken/

And all they got left is a Dutch and a pack of tokens/

Bet when I'm done you'll get to quoting/

What would you do after you just got the news that yet another friend passed away?/

Sometimes you just got to grab a pen and attack with the pain of Donny Hathaway/

I'm from where kids play with guns and ignore what mommy and daddy say/

Where you could be walking out the Chinese Food Store and get hit with a stray/

Some people don't know much, but they know how to get paid/

So they'll take all the chances even if it'll lead to the cage or the grave/

This the, land of the free but some people still living like slaves/

You never knew how it felt to continuously envision death/

I speak to God sometimes it feels like he's touching my flesh/

Taking shots of E&J to the chest on the stoop or the steps/

For a few hours that'll take the pain away/

Smoke a Black & Mild outside on a rainy day/

I'm still a youngboy I should’ve took heed to what the elderly say/

Because I peeped at 20 you need to make your own pay/

I write poetry with the spirit of Marcus Garvey/

In Killadelphia the home of fatherless daughters/

Broad and Erie a Muslim oldhead in a kufi told me the Quran said "oppression is worse than slaughter"/

Attack with the mind of a martyr/

I'm in college but struggling broke/

Hoping turnstiles and sneaking on the back of buses praying to God that one day a reliable source of income will come into my clutches/

Philly the land of Blunt ashes and Dutch guts, and mindless youngbucks, who think a gun makes them tough until they in the jail cell getting butt fucked/

Pen in my hand powerful like Bruce Lee with nunchucks/

Pay dues I'm a student of The Last Poets, Gil-Scott Heron and Langston Hughes/








This is very insightful, well thought out, and beautifully written. Keep it up. :)


Thanks for showing love! I really appreciate that!

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