Dusty joy

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 14:55 -- Neftee

Sadness floats like dust through the air.
I can feel it on my skin.
And sadness like dust can be seen.
You can see it in contrast to the light.
If we had no light,
We would have no beams of dust.
In a dark and hopeless world,
Sadness would not be seen.
It would just be.
But sadness floats through the air.
You can feel it in your soul.
It seeps into your pours,
It fills every hole.
Does sadness mean there is hope?
If we weep does it mean we can fight back?
I'd like to think so.
Let's take every tear,
Every sob,
Every prayer,
And every choked cry for help,
Let's take them as a reason for war.
A war against hopelessness,
A war against extinction.
For a people that does not live,
Is not alive.
And a nation trapped by lies
Can not produce truth.
Sadness floats through the air.
Do you see it now?
Sadness floats through the air,
Let's do something about this.
Sadness floats through the air.
Maybe as a species,
we could all get better together.


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