Dust Unto Dust

I'll make the most of my time left to spend,                                                   1

For a call from the tower of silence cries,

"You too into dust will surely descend,

For dust unto dust… and under dust we all lie".

Of today and tomorrow, I do not care,                                                           5

For in me truth's furnace has surely burned

A belief that worth lies ne'er here nor there,

'Less of you time's records are e'er concerned.

Now there's one fact of fate to which I cling                                                  9

That the bird of time hasn't far to fly

and now, while she is swiftly a-wing,

viewing our toils through the lens of the sky

We all towards the inevitable rush,

to depart from life's bright day into dusk.                                                      14


This poem is about: 
Our world


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