Dust to Dust

The me of yesterday, is fading,

She was callous, angry, sanctimonious.

She was abiding of God and a sinner in one,

She is no longer living, from dust to dust.


After her home was destroyed, and her heart shattered

She left the ways of the Lord

She saw with her own eyes

There was beauty looking forward.


She picked herself up decaying,

and sauntered into the new.

She found people, she loved them,

And they loved her, too. 


The heart was shedding the outer chainmail once laid

She was growing softer each day, alive with feeling and open

She was no longer rigid, 

She was kind, yet outspoken.


There was an obvious shift once he left her to die,

She saw that she had life to live, no reason to cry.

She was ready for battle, to take back her life,

And Hell bound, heart pounding, she picked up her knife.


She slashed her old self in pieces,

Screaming out "Redemption is found within!"

She felt her life force awaken,

No more was she in sin.


She held her old self, lifeless,

The wind blowing her hair about.

I can't begin to tell you,

How thankful I am to be out.

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