Dulce et Decorum Est (How sweet it is)

Oh sweet, how sweet

To be me but not


Judgment belongs to someone else,

It belongs to plastic innocuous speech,

Flowing into a vacant House that is yours, theirs-mine

Mellifluous like the honey which drips onto the tongue licked off by opulence


It’s sweet, the blankness, it’s sweet

The stars- nebulous and melting through my pounding heart

It’s so sweet- terribly sweet


And the day repeats as if the next,

static remains on blurred television screens,

excerpts and fragments of Statues grace the frontier,

And I who remain, follow a false ideal

A stone presence, a paragon of nothing


Because I wanted to start afresh- to empty my own onto a dreamless nightmare

By I found nothing- an empty space in an empty land- filled with empty smiles that mock crystal lined cages

But in all that kills there remains, gratuitous me








Someone else’s vision in my eyes, spectacles with no lenses for me

For Justice, inculcated me with words that run down

Because I am content with knowing everything (nothing)

Of how I was to be me if there is me everywhere


Oh sweet, how sweet

To be me but not

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