Ambition and anger,
  I am a two-headed beast.

Grounded firmly and steadily-
  stretching ahead of me
  is a long and winding road,
  full of surprises, 
  both good and bad,
  of which I callously chose.

I have nothing to 
  but what I have not had at all.
What good is life if I don’t 

Then I can’t get up-
  the pleasure of rising again
  after falling so hard
  almost takes away the bitterness.

Almost, so I keep striving again,
  being weighed down
  by this two-headed beast that I am
finding the energy and ability 
  to again plunge forward
  and keep going…
Though not knowing for certain
  if my so-called sacrifice will pay off.

What will I show for my life?
Hardship and strife,
   or peace and joy?

It is my choice 
  and it is my right
  to claim what is for me!

So,  angrily I survive,
  ambitiously I strive,
  being fueled 
  by this two-headed beast that I am-
  wondering which will stand in the end.

No time nor need to worry now-
  my Master has a plan.

"Duality" is an excerpt from Candidreams: I Remember the Beginning
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