Dry Water

I am the truth that lies in honesty

I am politely rude in all modesty.

Within a compliment, criticism is quiet evident

and with that i ooze complete sarcasm with no evidence.

I am the bravest coward to ever walk in a lion's den with meat around my neck,

though I choose to deny a crime while turning myself in as the prime suspect.

I am The Truth, nothing more nothing less,

and I show you my worst at my best.

I am the same salt that can bring the best out in a dish, as well as sting your deepest wound

I am the single atom that can construct all that is, as well as bring an impending doom.

I am The Truth and that is all there is to say. I play seriously and seriously play

Wide awake at night and dead asleep during the day.

I am such the squeemish vampire seeing blurred lines as the color gray.

I am dry water and cold heat, ice that cause third degree burns and fire that cools the soul.

I am The Truth and the beginning is the goal.



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