I'm happy now I'm with my best friend again
we are in our own little bubble. we are one. nothing can break us and our bond. we
are unstoppable and shakeable.
we agree and are soul tangled prefect allies.
No one knows us like we do. we are all the answers and solutions. we are right to the end.

Then you leave..

I'm alone . my mind searches for you..

who is this new voice..what do you mean I 'm wrong and messed up?

why am I hurting. why is this pain a burden I can't shift. who are you?. bloody hell wow..your rude.
oh I remember now. your my conscience. shit i haven't missed you!
back comes the ridicue and hard facts. is this the truth!
I need my friend..
who?thats not your friend thats a toxic foe.
for gods sake yes I know!



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