Drumroll please...

Out of sight, out of touch. 

In my sight, a sudden rush.

To feel your touch,

On my skin.

After the knocks, I let you in.

In my heart, Inside of me.

I take your love, I push it deep.

So deep, that it drowns in the sea of me.

And don't take it personal,

But as it drowned, I would not rescue...

Your love.

I would let it sink to the bottom of my HEART, To be caught by my SOUL, Which will hold your heart forever, Bae and NEVER let go. And like your love and my heart, Baby hold on to ME forever. Hold me, Hold me tight, Promise we'll ALWAYS be together. No regret or second guesses.

Just hold on to...


See, we can be re- LATED one day.

Cause this love just drugs us

And takes all our pain away.

When I'm with you, I'm invincible,

And my life, it seems more liveable.

See, Before I met you,

I never knew love, So I thought love was unattainable.

But when I'm around you, I don't understand this feeling,

So I call love unexplainable.

Cuz when I sit here and try to sum my feelings for you,

Into words.

And your sweet actions, Into verbs...Im stuck I cant talk about how you make me laugh, Without thinking bout your smile. Dont get me started on your smile, Then we'll be here for a while. But I cant ponder on your smile, Without gazing into your eyes, Seeing them lock with mine, Which is a sure sign.

That I never want to lose you,

Or be out of your embrace.

As you hold my waist.

Gently caress my face.

1st place.... Goes to you,

The grand prize is my heart.

The question is...

Will you cherish it till the END, Like you've done from the START?

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