Drugs Over Me


United States
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I gave you my everything! I gave you my all! Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get back on my feet after this god awful fall. Out of all the people in the world how could you do this to me. I'm your sister for gods sake, not just a tear on your cheek. you can't wipe me away or push me to the side. I told you I'd be here until the day that you died. You don't know the feeling I had on that day, not a usual phone call to come our way. As I heard the bad news tears ran down my cheek, as I thought to my self I just saw you last week. It can't be true after all we've been through, I pray to god that he doesn't take you. From the beginning of our troubles I stood up for you bubby, but its like time has stood still, nothing has changed. Maybe it's just a bad dream I'll wake up from one day. I love you with all my being I have this whole time, but if you keep letting me down I'm going to have to say good by. You mean the world to me Bubby I say this with sincere I can't take this anymore, I've shed to many tears. Your supposed to be my brother and protect me with all your might, but instead your doing drugs almost losing your life! God gave you a second chance to show you he is still there. All you need is faith and strength to get you anywhere. Your heart may be weak but your will needs to be strong! When I told you its not over until god says its over I didn't mean for you to take it wrong. That doesn't mean you can still do drugs and waste your life away. Bubby I cant watch you do this, not again not another day.....
I love you bubby with every ounce of my being. You are my everything always have always will be, but I cant watch you slowly waste away and me not be able to do anything . You say that you love me but I don't see how you do. I feel as though your punishing me with all the bad things you do. At some point in time this all has to stop. Please bubby open your eyes your the only brother I've got. I may not be the best sister or the funniest person to be around, but I've tried my best to be by your side and show you a fun time when we go out. I guess that I'm not good enough, or not a good enough reason to try. The least you could have done was not lie. Being honest wouldn't make it easier but I wouldn't have to face, that my brother does not care for me, he'd rather be shit faced. You've pick drugs and alcohol over me from the time I was little, I just don't understand what I did to you bubby, I was just so young. I tried to be there for you an even be your best friend, you wouldn't tell me anything not even if I did something wrong. If I have done anything to cause you trouble or put tears in your eyes I am sorry for that pain but this is where I say goodbye. I'm at the end of my rope and I can not hold no longer. my arms are weak , my hands are tired, the pain I can not bear. The only piece you now have of me is that teddy bear...
I love you bubby forever and always

- Love your little Seester (Danielle Nicole Hess)


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