Love cannot be infatuated by time.
We could smile, laugh,kiss for years but one of us could be lying.
He tries to prove his worth but she can't believe him.
His past,his lies,his words deceitful. 
Living they whole life in a lie they call love. 
This "missing piece" .her "other half", the "missing glove".
To complete the set.
Better yet
Make her better 
So he lets her 
Lures her in rather
Tells her lies
She walks away 
So he grabs her.
She "loves the way he lies"
But he loves the way she cries
But little does he know 
She's dying slow
Painful yet
You'd never know it
She never shows it
She wears her tears up on her sleeve
So it's never showing.
Her hatred growing.
To all things correlating with happiness. 
You would need a roadmap to just...
Find her heart. Find her soul. 
Find that piece to make her whole.
To make her one
Breaking free from psychological locks.
As it ticks,she tocks. 
Clashing with society. 
Nasir Jones
Addicted to poetry 
Relapsing like it's crack.
Flow bananas, here peel that back.

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