drowning in hatred


when I was a child I was told that words can never hurt me

I was told that a word is just a word

a name is just a name

it doesn't hurt.

that's a lie.

words are like knives in the back of the legs

you feel it as they twist and scrape the bones

like falling off a cliff and hitting every rock on the way down

and sometimes even worse than that.

I've seen what words can do to a small child.

I've seen the pain

felt the sorrow

I've watched a child put that razor blade to her arm and try to release the demons

and why?

because of words.

I've watched from above as she cries silently to herself

begging for the courage to end her suffering

I've watched her smile through the days and laugh at the cruelty

but as soon as she gets home,

she screams

she cries

she falls apart. 

words can be more deadly than drugs

more painful than broken bones

I've seen what words can do

and I tell you this now because I was that girl

I've felt the cold, cruel stab of the unforgiving words

spewed out by my fellow classmates

it hurts more than anything

but I made it through with the help of my real friends

and with that, I tell you, we can make it through.

if we stand together, we will be strong and I will be your savior

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