Drop By Drop

Sun, 12/01/2019 - 17:10 -- Bisma

Drop by drop I drown.
I drown drop by drop.
The rain water hits my face.
It fuses in with the tears.
The tragic sight that I must make.
Drop by drop I'm drowning away.
I want to write but I can't find words.
I want to live but I can't find the will.
All I'm is a statue of mud.
All I'm will be wasted away.
The water washes away my soul.
The water melts my soft body away.
I look at the cars passing by.
And all I can feel is the will to cry.
Because I want to write, I want to live.
I want my soul to stay this way.
I want my soft body to stay with me.
I don't want to drown drop by drop.
Yet here I'm doing that.
And wondering why my heart cries.
I have to save my own existence.
I have to fight for who I am.
Unless this will be all my fate.
Drop by drop I drown.
I drown drop by drop.


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