Drink and Sing, Dionysus the Party King

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 22:08 -- Norv

Drink my friend

Drink for there is no end.

There is no end to this madness

All can party because they are showcasing Dionysus' grandness.

He is king of this wing of New York City.

New Year's is a day where we leave pity.

Every holiday he brings his best drinks

When the cops see him, he winks

They cannot stop the ecstasy he carries.

His alcohol taste usually varies.

He brings rum, beer, wine, whiskey, and tequila

The stars shine bright for his party; Orion, Hercules, and Aquila

They all oversee this cold and joyous night.

One knows that the King must leave, depression will soon be our blight.

The god is worshipped by millions and publicized with their tweets

He watches the people of New York let loose when the bands play their beats.

Sweet melody plays as the lights brilliantly dance.

The event is publicly displayed on live TV and millions watch the king prance.

He posts on his phone and records his celebration for his followers on Instagram.

The king takes a puff out of the best graham.

Snoop Dog had prayed well to Demetre this year

For he was the reason that he could kick the party up another gear.

Dionysus stands on the New Year’s Day ball

And announces that “ I must leave soon my friends! Time is something I cannot stall!

I thank you all for this festive night my companions, it has truly been a delight!

I hope to see you all again next year and have an even grander sight!

More colors! More music! More life!

Bring more people! Your friends, brothers, sisters, and for you lucky men your wife!”

The ball drops

The fireworks begin their continuous pops.

Dionysus waves goodbye

The millennials take their final selfies and the party will soon begin to die

Dionysus leaves in his chariot and past the helicopters to return to Olympus by dawn

The next morning most wake up on another person’s lawn.

The king of parties left many drunk and the city in a mess.

People decide that when Dionysus returns they will drink less.

However, Dionysus’ influence is strong.

They will experience the same result the following year, and that will prove them wrong.

The godly king always gets his way

No matter what any other does or say.



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