Drew Grosof

Always smiling, willing to help someone, no matter the time of day or night, he would come to the rescue, running through fire, across a desert, over the Niagara Falls riding in a barrel, bright and beautiful as he always was. Afraid of nothing, yet feared the unknown, no matter, he took everything by storm, throwing himself into the arms of what some would fear, he still cast shadows for us to follow, through these unknown places, to find answers, and to show us, how not to be afraid of them. A man tall and proud, always searching for an adventure to share with the world, gracefu with every breath, he is a rose petal, soft and beautiful and stronger then you think, he took a challenge hand in hand, showing us the path to greatness, he is an angel in human form, finally back where he belongs among the gods we look to for help and comfort, that is what he is, comfort, a best friend, who you can always count on to comfort you with his smile, he may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The body may die but the soul lives on forever, we all do what we can, and should not expect anything less, than perfection, his eyes see more then we can ever see. We carry his image around, looking for peace, eventually we will find it, in the same place he will be waiting our arrival.  

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