Dreams, Unattainable.

visions of succeeding

blurring, before being able to be seen

Weeping Angels, I call my dreams.

I thought I could do it

I thought it would be easy

but now I have to 


being a teen mother

and not being able to succeed

maybe the statistics were true

maybe it is such a disease

but I thought I could do it

I thought I could succeed

i want support

its what I need the most

but somethings tells me I can't seek 

such things from

someone i hold so close

my mother,




I need your help.

I dont want to hear what is hard


I just want to hear

"You can do it, and 

I will stay close."

but things dont always happen as they should,

C'est la vie.

What can I do?

besides continue to dream

Forever reaching,

The wistful dreamer of dreams.




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