Dreams To Reality

Personally as I dream I wish it was more reality to want to breath happiness doesn't seems as far as being on another galaxy. I wake up every day praying for a new beginning. Once upon a time I was hoping and wishing. As the days go by I wake up with so much faith. some people think once something goes wrong its to late. I've looked and analyzed my worries now im having aspirations of being rich and healthy. Broke I could never be being on the streets with nothing to eat. I'm an adult who wants the best for herself to fulfill her destiny some people in my generation might look at me like im crazy. I Live day by day because God has assignments for me to complete.  As I look into the future ,my future I see a blurry vision. sometimes you have your moments when you feel against it , whats it ...the world I meant. Takes heartbreaks and dedication to get to happiness. what lifts me is knowing I have someone watching me. I'm a mentor to someone and my gesture are watched, I just hope the person who is reading this learns alot. Being able to know that I can make a small change to this world uplifts me , Thank you for allowing me to be Me. Personally as I dream I wish it was more of a reality.
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