I want to be the adret of the mountain. Receive the sunlight to become the most fertile. But the forested in the forest, the forested is keeping me below. Keeping my history an abstruse. I don't want to be the sophomoric among us but be inevitably unpredictable. I want to be the sophist "The King Solomon."   I looked through Holy Book and found out the world is near to its end but I'm not trying to live forever in this world, but make a legacy something that will live forever and ever until the world is over and ever but I will live forever in the new world for better. I want to be the science fiction minus the fiction. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but I will be the mystery solver, and I will make the gift of today no less than an opportunity to take a step to my success and to change the word for better.

#twist and shout slam



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