Dreams of a Future Architect


Her dream can be seen

Quite some distance left to stretch

Her wisdom and knowledge put to the test

Overcome with emotions to make this dream come true

Anxiety, Happiness, Excitement, & Stress


Her words can be heard

Whispered and spoken through thousands of mothers

They say my children are my heart & my soul

For them I continue to reach for this goal


Years pass

Education at its highest

Mother at her finest

Risen up from poverty she did her very best

Financial stress has finally been put to rest


No more paperwork to fill out

Only but her own

For this mother has risen up and taken her throne


Her years of education have finally paid off

Successful and blessed her mind creates designs

Houses for the future

Green, Clean, and Divine


Happiness has filled her families heart

Negativity put to an end

Positivity begins

For she has become the architect of her once distant, but now true dream.





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