Dreams of the future

Chase your dreams


Before they run away and disappear

Never to return

Make sure to get out of your comfort zone

Try new things

And find new passions

But most of all

Find the thing

That breathes life into you

That gives you a purpose in this world

Money should not be the issue

As long as it makes you happy

There are ways to make it by

As long as you stay dedicated 

And never give up hope

Remember that you will fail

But don't stop there

Keep running

Keep chasing after that thing 

That you desire most

Because if you don't

You will wind up regretting it

Don't take the easy way out 

And just quit all together

There are plenty of options out there

If you desire something that much

There is always a way

With a lot of hard work and dedication

You will live your dream

Instead of just imagining it

Expecting things to change

Nothing will change unless you do something about it

And make it change

There is always something out there for everyone

Even when it may not seem that way

If we didn't have a purpose

There was no reason for us to even exist

Yet we stand here today

Don't give up

Because they tell you 

That you're a failure

It will all work out

Don't settle for anything less

Than what you want for your life


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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