Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

did ya think they do?

I’m asking you

cause I didn't know if you knew


I only knew till today

when my thoughts went astray

and although seem it may

“its a good thing,” they say


so today I will rave

on good fortune not fame

though they may seem the same

it’s a whole different ball game


i’m lucky as can be

a fish out of the sea

yet i’m breathing, look at me

sometimes others hold the key


so today I must say

a good day is at bay

cause dreams in front of me they lay

with no price to pay


cause i’m free as a bird

no others have yet heard

besides of course the lord

and His graces he poured


all over my heart

plucked out every dart

it’s a fresh new start

and none others take part


but the sender was there

and we both surely care

together we became a pair

now our lives are fair


dreams do come true

just like i’ve told you

all you had to do was do

all along that you knew

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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