Dreams do come true.

Times in my life are crazy now, Years fly by like days

I remember being a little girl, I dreamed in different ways

As life passed by I became so helpless, dreams began to fade

A few more dreams left my life, It seemed as if only one stayed

Time stilled passed as I stayed still, Lost and confused

Until four years after a high school GED, the year I had nothing to loose


I woke up one day, after another sleepless night

I started to think about my life, I started to see the light

It was that day I started the next step of success

I grew with determination and settled for nothing less.


Two months later, I'm starting my freshmen year

My future is filled with happy thoughts, I havent shead a tear

I can't believe it was so easy to do, My life seems so viberant and new

All i have to say is dreams of college  really do come true.


                                                        LeAnna Elena





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