Dreams Of Chaos

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 22:04 -- Ksimcoe


Life is chaos.

Every twist and turn brings the unexpected.

Sometimes for the better,sometimes for the worst.

Yet life always pushes us forward.

Hope, fear, love, dreams.       

They all inspire us and help us continue into the void that is life.

Though it is chaos and we get so wrapped up in it we still have reality.

The reality that it is not all bad.

That there is hope.

That the fear will subside.

That love exist.

And that dreams can come true.

Chaos can drive us utterly mad,

Or it can push us to our full potential.

It often defines us,

And makes us who we are.

Chaos is what you make of it.

It lights the fires of inspiration.

It pushes us to our full potential.

Chaos maybe life,

But my chaos only makes life better.


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