dreams are not enough to win a war

It doesn’t matter what people think
If you have something to be proud of
Its only your opinion that matters
Outside of band and choir
I’m invisible
I found the place where I shine
I shine brightest in the dark
Unwelcome and unnoticed
Shine through the darkness
Once you do
All that is ahead of you is the light
A person once told me all you need is love and joy
To balance out the pain and fear
She saved my life more than once
No one has ever made such an impact on me
All I can say is thank you
Thank you for opening my eyes
To everything I have to lose
To everything I have to gain
All I have to lose are my chains
The chains the tie me to this broken world
I can free them
Gain the one thing people have tried to break me for
My independence
You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Towering over humanity
Living for once
One second of freedom
But if that’s freedom it comes at much to high a cost
For freedom isn’t free
Freedom will never be free
Once we learn that we might be able to go back and say
I made a mistake
Maybe then others can accept us for who we are
Not what we wear
Or how we act
Or even how we do our hair
But how we live our lives
How we treat others
How we smile
How we love someone
How we stand up and take the blame for something you didn’t do
Just to avoid having your friend go through what you’ve gone through
That’s freedom
That comes with a choice
No one made you do it
You did it cause you knew it was right
Watching peoples backs because no one else would
Loyalty is valued highly today
We demand loyalty because we know what can happen if we deny it
Outcasts are made
But that isn’t loyalty
Loyalty is taking a bullet for someone because they trust you
Loyalty is sacrificing yourself so they can live
That is loyalty
It’s pledging that you will be there for someone
In their times of sorrow
Times of need
Times of pain
Times of fear
You will be there for them because they were there for you
That is freedom
That is loyalty
That is the future
But we twist it
Society rules it
The twisted rules have no mercy
The maze continues
Leaving the strong up high in their ‘cliques’
With the weak bowing down at their feet
They may set the status quo
But I live above it
I will never stop fighting the rules of tomorrow
I was taught to run and hide
Not to stay and fight
To flee like a scared animal
But I will fight this
I will fight this so my children don’t have to live in fear
I will survive so the world can look through my eyes
I am the warrior here
I am the thief
I am the fighter
They can break my bones
They can take my joy
But they will never take my spirit
They will never take my soul
They will never take my faith
I will fight them with everything I have
Until they give up
Or I die
Make every moment your last one
Make every time your last smile
Tell the world that you can stand up and defy gravity
That you don’t care what they think
Whatever they may say
They don’t own you
Nobody ever will


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