Dreams are meant to be Achieved


  • Lives begin with just one breath of air
  • A cry so beautiful,
  • Willing to fight to survive,
  • To stand out in this world
  • Every person has a dream.
  • A dream that most can't achieve,
  • The American Dream is out of reach
  • Only few are lucky to be successful
  • Why only some?
  • Can it be because of lack of confidence
  • People have different tribulations
  • Not having enough money to pay for school,
  • Having multiple jobs to feed their families,
  • Doing whatever it takes to take a step closer to a dream,
  • People pushing others down to feel better
  • For what, to feel better?
  • Lifting up spirits mean so much more,
  • Inspiring the young to dream a dream,
  • To reach beyond the stars and moon
  • Why judge a person you don't know
  • You have no idea what trials they've been through
  • Being afraid to be different to not be judged,
  • I have been through it all,
  • The disgusting stares, the hateful gossip
  • Yes, I am a single mother
  • Doing what I have to do to make ends meet
  • I don't have my own place or a car,
  • I only have hope and a dream,
  • Nothing will bring me down
  • For God is my savior, I shall not fear
  • People are choosing different majors,
  • Debating nonstop on where my purpose lies,
  • A teacher perhaps to try to spread knowledge to students,
  • Or a lawyer fighting for what is right,
  • So many choices, so little time
  • I've finally found my purpose
  • Environmental health specialist is what speaks to me,
  • Helping to nurture mother nature,
  • To protect future generations by finding cures,
  • A beautiful Hawaii people say,
  • My home sweet home where palm trees sway,
  • Change starts from within,
  • Never think a dream is faraway
  • For anything is possible, dreams are always meant to be achieved


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