Dreams and reality

Sun, 03/31/2013 - 16:11 -- Ramses


United States
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We stands alone, the awkward silence of our shadows but a toll in to the next step. Scars of hidden memories, tears of past pain. We never feel abandoned for we sees the big picture.
It was thrown away, our rights, which we never lived to enjoy. We took the hatred of our neighbors of our collages. America the liberator, who's absents was but a bump in the road. Fresh air never dwelled in as smooth as others. We pause and cherishes the moment. No one understands us, no ones experienced such pain. Words, actions mishap will not stop us for we together will be as great as the Greek gods. Striking like lightning and leaving but a mark. Sucker punching society, for they are not expecting, the broken will be the repairing that lift us from the pavement.
I was but a boy when i reached this marvelous land. America the great and mighty, but another plain in my eyes in which my religious beliefs and the tone of my skin would be discriminated against. The markings of the forgotten and the known. We meet, we find, we forget the less important. Infant strangers become but the arms we clasp so tight. Rainbows where never seen for the sky was never blue. A celebration seemed but a legend. Being equal but a diamond. School set but an attribution to the laws of life.
A welcoming home was but a devastating start. Revenge is always sought but we must remember that we are but men. The hurting will be hurt. We fall, a hole dug so deep the earths warmth feels like a blanket which you never leave. Little by little we climb and we are back here. A stepping stone on what is reality is now but a pebble on our life. Those men They held a grudge towards me my for appearance. Was it my fault I looked like this? 
We are all equal, our appearance is but the mask that covers our hearts. An american dream turns to reality. Freedom is sought, and freedom will be reached for we are the people of the United States. Together we stand, together we fall.

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Immigrant deserve the same rights


You got strong stuff here, one suggestion you might want to try is breaking up the lines and formatting it into the center just so we get the feel of the breath even more. It looks likea story right now, but it fine. However, this is good!

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