I Cut You Out Of My Life,
And the JOY routed in that LIBERATION is remarkable!
I Cut You Out Of My Life,
And the clarity that brings to me was previously unimaginable!
I Cut You Out Of My Life,
And the freedom that's resulted gives me true happiness,
I Cut You Out Of My Life,
But against my will in nights darkness my dreams you still posess.
In my REM sleep you emerge,
You domineer, control, manipulate,
I scream, shout, pound my fists on you and scourge,
Brazenly our pain you persistently negate.
Negate...you negate,
I gestate,
You fustrate,
I'm irate,
You debate, deflate, berate, and dictate,
I fixate....
The brown silt of my soul surges around my breast in the waking morning,
I carry it round all day marsking the mud with all my endeavour,
Habitually I use food to distract my brain from this constant warring,
The pain felt is the reminder of the just cause of this sever.
The that pain you caused then so easily dismiss,
Lingers in our hearts as scares that fade but cannot heal,
It makes it impossible for us to peacefully reminisce,
For the hurt you already have caused is too much for us to deal.
I Cut You Out Of Our Lives,
Because of which our future is emotionally safe,
I Cut You Out Of Our Lives,
For that I accept my dreams will evermore chafe.

This poem is about: 
My family


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