Images , voices , ideas , and emotions.

Memories, thoughts, ambitions, and fears.


A series of unfortunate events.

Falling down and not being able to get back up,

I’m trapped.

Falling, deeper.


Ideas, ambitions, the highlights of my entire life,

All play a motion picture in my head.

I want them back.

Falling, deeper.


Hidden are my fears, outrageous and disturbing thoughts,

That cast a cloud in my subconscious.

The voices I hear, the faces I see,

All recognizable…

But I have no idea what’s going on.

Falling, deeper.


Feelings, emotions, opinions and thoughts on my life,

Play a major role.

Sensual, playful , painful , joyful or saddening…

These feelings all shot right between my eyes,

And into my brain…

Within seconds of closing my eyes.

None of this could be real.



When I close my eyes,

My mind takes over my body.

When I close my eyes,

My subconscious takes over my mind.

I lose all control,

Until I wake.


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