I've got so many dreams in my head,

 that my eyes shimmer with silver linings

 and my ears hear the quiet symphony of romance and the thunder of drama

and I've heard that a mind in the clouds only harms you,

but I feel the rush of air over me like a clear sky blanket

and the view from up here is one of trust

I believe in hope,

and the world beneath me glows, grows

closer and closer,

like the very last page in your favourite book 

Unhappy endings sting like bees 

that are buzzing in my ears, reminding me that trying means also failing

I find reality to be a dream

but many times a nightmare

staring at nude and slender perfection,

life turning from happiness to desperation,

to rebuild myself out of tears and frustration

Pretty girls are pretty weak are

pretty skinny

Pretty boys are big and tough are

big and strong

standards stand in our way like roadblocks,

but people have cars and the power to run over these blocks

you've just got to have enough gas 

everyone deserves respect,

but people always drop the ball

and we are all still worthy

They let us down so we let it go,

finding love in your heart doesn’t have to be hard

Forgiveness is key 

and we will forever have choices

because humanity without choices is like spelling without letters, 

is like counting without numbers,

we are free 

And the world revolves beneath us,

but my world revolves around me

Its more cloudy these days

misty air making it harder to see, 

I thought life was simpler than it is, than it feels,

than it feels deciding for yourself

what is wrong, what is right 

guided by a glowing light

that comes from within ourselves and from God

Whether your head is in the sky or buried in the ground

Jesus said,“Do not worry about your life and what you will eat, or what you will wear” 

So don’t worry

we all worry 

I worry 

How do I believe in hope again

when my mind is no longer in clouds, but weaving through fog? 

Where it’s hard to breathe in,

trusting in God takes faith to win,

maybe that is who I should believe in 

Who I should believe in 

Who should I believe in?

Myself, my God, my loves,

the universe is built out of all of these,  

My universe

like rings around the planet, they surround my soul

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength”

I am strong

My heart hurts for those who are hurting, it is not weak to feel for others,

it makes us human

And growing up may mean you see life about to crucify you,

with no mercy

but God is made of mercy and we are made of love

and people are abstract paintings,

impossible to understand, 

but I remember what it’s like to fly, 

to let my mind drift away on a breeze 

I am a dreamer still,

but I mean to be much more than that

I mean to be an upstander in the face of dilemma,

to not let fear of the ground keep me from landing

to stand up against, not beside injustice

I mean to hand out peace like invitations,

but remember the past as a part of us  

to let my dreams make the world a better place

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