the smoke is deep and black inside my lungs 

it makes it so i cant breath when i run

yet i inhale some more 

cus who really runs anymore ?

running is for the track 

and i dont have one. 


i kept it in long enough

my toung feels heavy 

feels like i ate a whole jar of molasses 

feels like my mind is falling off a clif 

and its a bad dream 

the one where you wake up falling down 

catch is i AM falling down.

im falling down a lonely ally where there are cigerate stains on the brick walls and its covered with ugly deamons from the past.

i hit the pavment with a cloud crash 

blood is gushing from my head and for a moment i feel free. 

free from the numbness of life 

free from the constant thinking and analizing of daily life.

free from the bullshit of this thing i called life!

silence is all i hear now. 

silence so sharp it makes me twich as i bleed to death on this pavment floor.





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