Sat, 04/20/2013 - 21:10 -- ahjsir


United States
41° 31' 17.2452" N, 81° 38' 30.7176" W

I live in a hood where dreams are unreal
People are idolize for drug deals and kills
I refuse to fall victim to Cleveland's curse
I rather fall victim to the jail system first
Every night before bed I pray for sweet dreams
To get out of this hood, feel the joy life brings
To live to tell my story, give hope to the kids
This ain't all the world has to offer, you gotta dream big
Inspire young men to have goals, go from rags to riches
You beautiful girls are more than sluts and *itches
I dream to be great to empower the poor
Empowerment + knowledge= more
My dreams, my dreams my sweet.. sweet dreams
*Alarm rings* back to reality, survival of the teens...


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