Dreams, 18, Graduation

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 21:07 -- gizmo23

Dreams, 18, Graduation


Dreams are where I have go, and I hope I’ll be alright.

As time grows I may lie, so will many others and facing the truth..

It will not come easier, because like many we are just legal or like me are mere five days

from. Eighteen I will be, others  eighteen already, or the few the day is readily coming.

Let it be bittersweet because it is, sadness and  will be upon few, but

Rue the day, remember what you spent so much time learning. Embrace Carpe Diem!

Let the fact not only are you 18 or about to be… But the day is coming…

What day? Graduation Day!,so come alive and show them how ready we are.


Lies… The lies you know we know, that we have tell or going to tell our parents. About the

college experience and life on by youself. Whether we got ourselves in trouble or put on a front to make sure parents  won’t worry. In honesty struggles are to come, but bet it will be the best struggle of our lives. Freedom is something we are just starting to understand. We doing things our way, making our own money and living life by the minute. Many in our families will worry, but unfortunately for them this is

College.. Post graduation  the time we take our lives from our parents. Our Mothers most importantly, we are no longer there second life or their many for those with brothers and sisters.

The time is coming to celebrate, the times we struggle, the 18 years of work we put in and our parents have put in, and a new chapter. It is time for us to celebrate... Us moving on getting to work.. And make our Dreams come.



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