Sun, 05/11/2014 - 22:40 -- Dykstra



So big it seems

Too big to dream

Not one for me


The support I get

Is fake at best

Mustering the smile

To say live "without regret"




So impossible

Too daring to fill

Yet I will not be still


It drives me

My way of life

Waking everyday 

To make ignorance flee




So many blind

Too many to find

I must try 


Believe for your own sake

Think for yourself

Listen to others

Information to take




So this is my Dream

To uncover the mind

Of the blind population

Good riddance

To Ignorance in society


I believe we can all achieve

The optimistic future

Humanity deserves

But first we must work together

And not bow to others' ideas

Not to take their lies as truth

But find our own

In each others' ideas


Collaboration and comunication

Not coruption and lies

These are the things that will help

Prolong our demise


Just Dreams






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