Wed, 05/07/2014 - 23:06 -- Camelia

Dreaming is the language that my mind speaks

Dreaming is the nutrition and hunger that my mind feeds on 

Dreaming is the energy that keeps my mind functioning everyday

Dreaming is a treasure that we all obtain but I Don't Know if we all know that

Dreams are time machines that take you to the past , present and  future

I Dream about where and how I will  stand in ten years

I Dream about the type of mother I want to be one day

Dreaming is bueatiful becuase one self can make it happen

People say Dreams are far from reality , who ever said that was becuase they didn't have any Dreams

Dreaming is your ultimate thinking source

To start off in life you need a Dream 

You probably think you dont , but when you realize it you will see that you have a lot of Dreams that are waiting to be brought to life

I know what  my Dreams are

Do you know yours?









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