Oh dreams, how you tempt me, 

You offer what my heart truly seeks.

But yet you are just out of my reach,

Visiting me only in the night.

My life so marvelous in you,

Turns to dust with the light of the sun.


I despise you so, oh sun,

You force my sight on the real me.

Precious dreams, can I come back to you?

The light hides what i seek.

Finally in bed each night,

Under covers, to you I reach.


No longer do I have to reach,

As you wipe out my thoughts of the sun.

I fully embrace the night, 

As you fully embrace me.

I relax, knowing I dont need to seek,

My life is now controlled by you.


My closed eyes see you,

 And now its you that reaches,

Back, to bring forth what my heart seeks;

Alife not damaged by the sun,

A life where I love the real me,

A life that exists outside the night.


But for now I love you, night,

Darkness, denseness, Im surrounded by you,

Thats all that can satisfy me,

The blackness overpowering my reach,

And holding back the sun,

For whom during the day I will never seek.


But in a pleasant dream I may seek,

Seek not just for my shining-armor-clad night,

But also the strangely beautiful sun.

Because in the world created and controlled by you,

I just follow, I never reach.

Because I know I can never reach who I want myself to be.


I follow you, you follow me,

I cant reach you through the sun,

But night, it is you that actually seeks.


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