Nothing is ever as it seems when 

A monster chases me off a cliff. 

Did I forget to wear my pants? 

Yes, I won a million bucks and 

Starbucks was built into my house. 

I sang a song with Akon, 

Flew to China with a Chimpanzee, and 

Ate a cheeseburger with an African Queen. 

I saw a snake with vampire teeth 

Melt a sock with a laser beam. 

I built a rocket out of cheese and 

Jumped to the moon from a trampoline. 

I went to jail for eating peas and 

Crashed an Enzo into a pole. 

I rode a horse into the sky 

Where I got eaten by a butterfly. 

My knife barked at me 

When I cut a twig and 

that dream-catcher trapped me 

in it's intricate web. 

No, nothing is ever as it seems 

When everything is in your dreams.


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