Came from the dark side

It wasn’t what I expected

My family came from the broke side

My dreams were already predicted

It ain’t something I’m holding

This world around me is condescending

I’m only a kid and this is it

Another day I’m living, another day was givin

The fire within me is buildin

I was thinking about all that I was missin

Another day Past it went so fast

I wish I could reverse it and take it back

Why am I wasting so much time

Watching people like I didn’t even try

I’m tryna be the best

But that just causes stress

I’m ready to put on that college dress

Don’t try to tell me you understand

I went through hell

I know you can never tell

But I learned how to hide it well

Cuz you never understood how I really feel

Now my anger is building up

                                                               My dreams keep filling up

It ain’t fair, now I’m flying in air

Striving for change and my dreams are near





My favorite thing about this poem is It's a free expression. I said how my life and struggles are and that is the best way to express yourself.

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