Able, Capable to do all things.

Heart of a tiger, Please don't mislead, perceive, misjudge for I am just me.

The one on high can only do those things

Judge only because he really knows me.

Nowadays, why don't we take the time out to get to know one another

Love and come together.

But instead we joke,

Talk about rather than complement,

Mug when we can grin, greet with a loving welcome.

All this misunderstanding

Put on’s and acts and shows

Boy oh boy I don't even know why it goes on and on and on.

But I know that everything that I'm not, has made me everything that I am.

All things that I've always wanted to be, I'mma be

Nurse, Reporter, Writer, Music Producer, Artist something great that I cannot even image, Imma be living blessed and high beyond the dreams.

Watch me rise, to the ones, the secret lovers Who EVER talked down on me watch me rise.

Imagine me going to the highest level climbing the highest sequoia tree standing on the highest ladder the one where you can never come down or give up.

Exceeding and rising.

In my book there's no, I mean no giving up.

Remember I am a tiger. Hear my words roar, Inspiring heartfelt & warmth words within the soul.

Everything I always  dreamt to be, those dreams are going to come to reality

My dream, My dreams I owe it to me.

The things they told me I’ll never be, watch me rise because I believe in me I never fall, for I am a tiger and conquer.

To live it to dream and to dream is to live dream about the thing you never imagined being.

Heart is made out of armor, I care and love and have a dedicated & hardworking soul because

when you want something so bad you can never let go of the thing you have worked so hard for.

I can't let go, the dream the gifts that you have been blessed with.

When you want something so bad, you can never give up no matter what the deceitful person is whispering in your ear

give up, give

no, no, no giving up

this life a test and even in the storm I can't give up.

My dream, My dreams

Heart of a tiger. Ambitious dedicated and fierce hear my words roar in you ear.

I have seen, I have come and I am a conqueror.

Watch me live the dream and make mama and family proud where there will be no more working because I will be making all the benjamins if you know what I mean.

Because I have chased my everlasting dreams.


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