They became achievers of dreamless destiny

After own thorough scrutiny

They leave tomorrow's unfulfilled

"Beautiful dreams of ours"

"metamoephosed to disgusting dreams of theirs"

They leave tomorrow's unfulfilled

In persuant of their dreams

Since that quenches their screams


They put their legs into they are unremoved shoes

Without questions nor answers

"There I belong"

Successful they are,not who they want

They are employed by unemployment

Religiously they are vision

To 'cause doom without benevolent

'Cause close friends of God they are


Scaring and terrifying they dreams look

Making destinies precarious

And cowardly some are buried

In others grave with know pedigree

"Our dreams from birth are shattered"

Dreamless destiny they achieve

                                                    By Agamah

This poem is about: 
Our world


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