Dreamland in Genesis


Crashing waves and endless seas all across the weeping willow tree.

Mists and winds and children’s song leave an echo through them all.

And in this whimsy of life we find a spirit in warm delight.

To listen to the birds and trees. To watch the endless stream of bees.

From flower to flower, from hive to hive. He knows that he does not need to hide.

And in the illumination the child’s dreams and aspirations.

All become one melodic tune from the tree of hollow groove.

Inspirations fill his quill as he watches from window sill.

Stroke and paint and canvas lay upon the easel’s steady frame.

The night time wonders lullaby, soothe the crying children’s cry.

From firefly to stars above, enchantment is the destiny.

From jack in box to carousel we find the dream is ever real.

And in this dream we all do find a simple steady ease of mind.

The fantasy of children’s imaginings.

Come away and sail with me on purple ocean and crystal sea.

Through the forest of ten foot flowers, where a minute is actually an hour.

If we could just look at see. The thoughts, the hopes, of children’s dreams.


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