Dreaming of Love

          My soul weeps while my heart beats.

          I feel the gentle breeze of a summer day, while I lie on my back and look at the fluffy white clouds.  Its peaceful and relaxes my wondering mind.

          Slowly I try to think past him for he's gone. He left me for reasons I'll never understand.

          There's that small little thought in my mind that wishes he'd run back to me. I'd jump in his arms and he'd twirl me in a magic circle just for two. I'd laugh in his ear while he tickles my belly. He'd hold me in his warm and strong arms while we'd watch some dumb movie in his room together. His smile would melt my heart like a slice of cheese on a hot summer day.

          That same summer where I now lay alone, in the grass, on my back, watching the fluffy white clouds. There's a gentle breeze flowing though my long hair, sending it in waves all around my head in the bright green grass. There's a light sound of music playing all around me. It's beautiful and helps me relax and sink even more into the grass beneath me.

         I want the love back I once had, but its buried below me in the grass. So now all I have left are my memories which turn into a fierce pain in my heart. The dreams I create in my mind would never happen if he were still with me. Knowing that, makes me want to cry more.

          All I can do is turn my tears into smiles as I dream of a love that's perfect but will never become a reality.


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